It is obvious that Bharat Sevashram Sangha remains a spiritual harbor, and follows the guide lines of Jagat Guru Swami Pranabanandaji Mahararj  at the grass root level. The monks are educated with Vedic scriptures, and they remain as selfless Saynasi ( detached from materialistic matters) through out their life-span, with one dominant goal to the serve mankind.

This ashram is a kind of monastery for them, and the monks having no personal  belongings, they belong to the universe. They gather donations, receives alms, and raise funds to help us only.

Below Swami Mukundananda offering prayers (Tarpans) to ancestors of the devotees who seek salvation to the souls of their ascending heritage-line.

Swami Mukundananda was performing Aarti during Durga Puja 2017